Kimberly Castle Royster is owner and CFO of Kimberly Services LLC, and Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce. KSL is a boutique accounting firm offering tax, accounting and CFO services. Kimberly is a graduate of the Baltimore City Community College and the University of Baltimore, where she earned an Associates and Bachelors Degree, respectively, in Accounting.

Before starting her firm, Ms. Royster was in accounting for over fifteen years. Being in public accounting for over eight years she lead teams working with local and national businesses. Her strength is organizing, restructuring, finding savings and creating smart tax strategies for small and large growing businesses. Her solutions reduce tax liabilities and increase profitability for individuals as well as business owners.

In her role as Chairwoman of the Baltimore Chamber, she is dedicated to bringing members together and connecting them to resources and financial tools that will help them increase sales and revenue, scale their operations and hire more Baltimore City residents.

Kimberly Castle Royster is a trusted mentor, devoted mother and experienced business leader who is committed to helping those who are serious about professional,  personal and business growth.